How To Increase Muscle Size

How to increase muscle size

bodybuilding guide

1- Stop all aerobics/ cardio

aerobic exercise has a detrimental effect on mass building. if you are a hard-gainer, cardio will be burning mostly muscle since you don`t have fat to lose.

2- Eat more fish (high in protein)

people wanting to incerace muscle size aren`t eating enough protein. fish has great benefits including omega-3 fatty acids and is very high in protein.
a Standart can of tuna has over 30 grams of protein.

3- Increase sodium intake

No joke, sodium is essenial mineral that is an absolute must for muscle growth.
It also enhances carbohydrate storage and amino acid absorption.

4- Lift Explosively

The harder you work your muscles, then the more amount of muscle grounth you`ll be able to create.
Work your muscles to exhaustion. it they are soe the nest day, smile, because they are growing!

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